An ecosystem of services for your online sales

Manage the entire post-sales process with our platform and maximize your sales.

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eLogy the first intelligent logistic & fulfillment cloud platform

Innovative services for a brand new social commerce strategy

Leads & Orders

In a few clicks connect your Store with our API. Inside eLogy you will find all the tools that help you convert leads and manage orders

Check out Gateway

Create your form in subsequent steps of confirmation and payment (CoD included), to be linked into your landing pages or wherever you need thanks to HTML scripts


Real-time product availability, intelligent alerts and re-order management for total control of your warehouse to avoid products running out

Call Center

A contact management workflow designed to maximize the value of your leads during the order confirmation and the up-sell and cross-sell phases

Fast Logistic

Artificial intelligence applied to logistics: an algorithm chooses the best shipping service based on your specific order


All KPIs at hand to analyze the performance of your Store thanks to an intuitive real time dashboard from cart to your customers' doorstep

eLogy gives a boost to your online business

eLogy the solution that delivers and sells for you

eLogy is an ideal platform of exclusive services for e-Commerce, Affiliate Marketers and Dropshippers who want to upgrade the business model by creating successful and scalable brands over time.

eLogy is an innovative ecosystem of modular services:

  • Selection and supply of “white label” products.
  • Tools to support online marketing campaigns.
  • Specialized e-Commerce logistics center .
  • Outsourcing of post-sales activities. 

Our platform allows you to quickly manage online the whole chain of logistics services such as goods storage, order collection, packaging, labeling, cash on delivery, parcel delivery and tracking.

It also includes innovative CRM functions and algorithms based on artificial intelligence models that allow you to improve the ROI of online marketing campaigns.

"eLogy is the perfect combination of technology, services and innovation for digital entrepreneurs selling online"

Alex Micol

The all-in-one solution, six services in a single platform

24/48h Shippings & CoD

Thanks to agreements with highly reliable couriers operating in Italy and through real time algorithms, we always ship your parcels with the best courier according to the destination of your orders. Cash on delivery available.

CRM e Contact Center

Global management of your customer base for an in-depth analysis of customers' life time value. You can easily organize email or sms campaigns. A call center's workflow, through operator assignment algorithms, improves the conversion rates of your leads.

Logistic & Fulfillment

Our software allows you to manage warehouse loading and unloading processes in real time, monitor product inventory levels and receive notifications when products are running out. Sending your product stocks to our warehouse is all you need to do.

Real time Dashboard

The platform has been developed with the latest technologies and easily integrates with your sales systems through APIs and Webhooks. Intuitive dashboards allow you to monitor real-time performance and profitability indicators. This enables to know ROI faster and quickly set up new personalized marketing strategies.

Warehouse on demand

Our outsourcing logistics services: warehouse management, checking of your incoming goods, packing and shipping your orders with care. Progress of shipment monitoring directly from the platform.

Marketing Automation

eLogy's team has developed tools dedicated to performance marketing. These features will allow you to make the most of your customer base: creating automatic resell processes by exploiting all the data collected in your database. All this is possible directly on our platform or through external tools.

Advanced Features for Your Business

Not only Logistics Platform but Hub of Advanced Solutions

API Key integration​

Our platform collects real time online business events through API such as leads and abandoned carts, and updates your systems in real time with the webhooks. So you can understand how much your sales page is performing and how to improve your Conversion Rate.


Innovative Customer Care solutions

eLogy provides you with innovative Customer Care functions: from Whatsapp to Chatbots based on artificial intelligence. This ensures greater effectiveness of delivery processes and consequently increases customers satisfaction.

customer care

Sell your products, without stock.

We take care of your post sales processes.

Do you sell online but don't know how to ship your products?

With eLogy  you can create your warehouse in less than five minutes.

Our all in one software allows you to manage the loading and unloading of the warehouse in real time, monitor stock levels and receive notifications when it’s time to reorder products.

You send us the products stock, we ship them for you and  take care of the whole post-sale stage.

                      Zero Stress, more Sales.

Here's how eLogy follows you, day by day, in every stage of the customer journey


  • Contact center
  • Sms marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing Funnel

  • Sales

  • White Label
  • Lead management
  • Up-sell
  • Cross-Sell

  • Fulfillment

  • Warehousing
  • Pick and Pack
  • Alert out of stock
  • Quality check

  • Delivery

  • Shippings
  • Reverse logistic
  • Cash on delivery
  • Tracking

  • Switch on eLogy’s services is very simple, it only takes a few clicks

    By joining eLogy you will see that:

    • You only pay for the service you use;
    • The prices are clear, transparent and variable (you have no fixed costs);
    • You have total and real time control of your expenses.

    The problem of traditional logistic organizations

    and why it is a critical factor for the growth of your online business


    • Software & Technology

    • Processes optimized for online business

    • Native integration with CRM and Contact Center

    • Real time KPIs

    • Clear and transparent price






    At the moment eLogy is open only to some Big Players of the Affiliate and e-Commerce world.

    We are giving the opportunity to 20 digital entrepreneurs to join the eLogy world.

    What those who are already using eLogy say of us

    "eLogy is my secret weapon that differentiates me from all affiliates who have not yet understood the importance of having a brand and a cutting-edge logistics system"
    Joe Di Siena
    Thanks to the eLogy services, I established lasting relationships with my customers "
    Valerio Pezzano

    Frequent Asked Questions

    You can send them in the following ways:

    • By connecting your Shopify
    • Through the one or two-steps iframe for leads and orders generated by the platform
    • Through API integration with your sales systems
    • Via CSV files

    Yes, eLogy can  help you in the supply of various products, from cosmetics  to gadgets and gifts. If you already have your own supplier, you can continue working with him and simply send the goods to our warehouses.

    It is possible to set up webhooks for the following events:

    • order shipped;
    • order delivered;
    • order enters in stock;
    • order  returned;
    • warehouse load order processed

    Alternatively, you have a set of reports updated in real time downloadable in Excel format.

    Within the Elogy platform, you can follow all your shipments in real time and trigger events, such as back in stock or non-delivery etc., that will be highlighted in red, while in green you will see all the shipments that are following the standard procedure until delivery.

    The platform provides complete management of a lead, that can be managed through a workflow that will allowing your operators to call the customer for confirmation of  purchases or updating of shipping data. You can also add other products to the cart. Alternatively, you will have the option to update the data  via API.

    Coming Soon

    The eLogy services will soon be present in several European countries

    A platform designed for the global market soon available in various languages and  warehouses located in multiple countries

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