Pubblicato il 09/05/2023

5 strategies to manage your ecommerce returns successfully


Did you know that one in ten customers abandon their cart at checkout due to ambiguous or unsatisfactory return policies?

In fact, managing returns properly is one of the pillars of a successful ecommerce. Although selling online has made shopping convenient, it still involves a percentage of risk for the buyer. Not being able to see the products or try them on, for example, will never give someone the certainty that what they receive is what they had imagined. Precisely for this reason, buyers need reassurances and guarantees. With convenient and clear ecommerce return policies, you will always encourage your customers to buy without making them worry about being stuck with an unwanted product.

Furthermore, the statistics speak for themselves. At least 30% of products purchased online are returned and 41% of consumers buy variants of an item with a return plan in mind. This means that you need to manage your ecommerce returns in the best possible way, making them convenient for you, the seller, and buyers. You can either lose or retain customers, given that 96% of people tend to buy back from an online retailer if they had a satisfactory return experience.

Furthermore, by managing returns better, your customer service will no longer be hassled with too many requests. In short, a convenient return policy could become the feature that differentiates your brand from the competition and a good promotion opportunity.

Let’s analyze the right management strategies for ecommerce returns, transforming them in an opportunity for you and a positive experience for your customers.


1. Clear and convenient return policies

Not charging the customer for returns or offering a longer time frame to return an item are all aspects that inspire confidence and security in those who would like to buy from you.

67% of consumers won’t buy from an online store if they are expected to cover return costs. In fact, almost everyone expects free returns. For this reason, return policies that focus on customer satisfaction and clearly outlining them on your website is the key to transforming a return into a future online purchase.


2. Technology

Returns, as we know, are very expensive in terms of time and money. Precisely for this reason, many businesses have optimized and automated their order return process, thus improving the shopping experience for the customer and saving precious time dedicated to order management.

The technology and support of a fulfillment center is the key to making ecommerce returns a win-win for you and your clients. In fact, by relying on a 3PL you won’t have to worry about organizing all the processes connected to them. Failing to optimize this aspect can lead to disruptions, slow refunds or even a huge waste of resources. On the contrary, ensuring transparency at every stage of the shopping experience, sending tracking links, processing returns quickly and updating the inventory in real time have become essential factors to create a successful ecommerce.

eLogy helps you on the one hand to reduce the costs associated with these activities and on the other to manage the inventory without errors. All this will allow you to save money in terms of labor and operations, while guaranteeing customers the security they need to complete a purchase. Remember, being able to offer an optimal and smooth return experience is a great element to your advantage, which you can advertise on your site or use for branding.


3. Take advantage of partnerships with couriers

For businesses who sell internationally, returns are a considerable expense and the pitfalls multiply beyond national borders.

Having the right couriers and partners is essential for flawless returns management to avoid problems related to customs, incorrect shipping documents or excessively high return costs.

Efficiency and speed are both needed to meet customer expectations and to speed up the reverse logistics process. The quicker you handle returns, the quicker you can recover value from returned inventory.

From the warehouse returns management where you keep your inventory to the courier you choose for the return, eLogy will automatically select the best and most convenient solution for you.


4. Smart returns management with WMS logistics software

With our platform you will finally be able to monitor all the data on your shipments in real time. You will be able to observe trends in inventory and individual products, developing market strategies based on real data. In addition, you will always have all the information related to return costs under control to understand how and when to invest your resources optimally and develop your sales strategies in the best possible way.


5. Go green

More and more customers pay attention to corporate values ​​that respect and promote sustainability. Sustainable returns management is certainly a fundamental aspect if you want to fully commit to protecting the environment. From eco-friendly packaging, to reducing energy waste in the warehouse, as well as low fuel emission shipping, eLogy is the partner you are looking for if you want to pursue a shipping policy that respects the environment.


Where eLogy can help you

eLogy helps you find the right balance between shipping speed and efficient costs. Our global transportation network, strategically located warehouses, and integrated digital ecommerce fulfillment platform will make ecommerce logistics simple and convenient for you and your customers.

Change your strategy with eLogy and make ecommerce returns your competitive edge.

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