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Explore the future of e-commerce logistics with our Warehousing & Fulfillment services! Unlock the power of outsourcing of your logistics processes to streamline everything from inventory management to order fulfillment.

We are a tech-driven 3PL, and our powerful services and digital tools help automate fulfillment and improve your bottom line

Your Warehouse always available

Shipping in 24/48h

Customer service

Real time Dashboard

Il tuo Magazzino sempre a disposizione

Spedizioni in 24/48h

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Smart warehousing to gain competitive advantage 

Leverage our warehousing and fulfillment centres

eLogy’s strategically located warehouses and fulfillment network is available in key European countries: Italy, Spain, Poland, and Eastern Europe.

  • Position your inventory closer to customers and key markets to reduce shipping costs, transit times, and CO2 emissions
  • Faster fulfillment to delight your customers
  • Expand your market reach and reduce international shipping costs

Your Warehouse always available

Buy. Sell. Reorder!

Our inventory management software helps you set reminders to proactively replenish inventory with reorder notifications, bundle your products for promotions and make inventory transfer requests. You  just need to tell your supplier to send the products directly to the address of our logistics center and we will take care of the rest.

We offer white label products that you can sell online, we check the integrity of your goods arriving in the warehouses and we will take care of the packaging and labeling of all your shipments.


Shipping in 24/48h

Artificial intelligence applied to logistics

Our advanced algorithm selects  the best shipping service dynamically and verifies the delivery zip code:  your products will arrive directly to your customers in just 24/48 hours.

Our fulfillment services help you optimize time and costs to exceed customer expectations and value customer relationships.

eLogy has established privileged agreements with the best couriers operating in Italy and Europe giving you also the opportunity to sell using Cash On Delivery.


Customer service

Your easy and innovative Customer Care

Easily support your customers every step of the way.

Your customers will never be alone! With eLogy you can manage communication with your entire customer base: follow your customers along the sales funnel and analyze profitability and customer satisfaction.

Increase  customer satisfaction!

Retain your customers through email or sms campaigns.
Use tools like WhatsApp or Chatboat provided by eLogy for a better Customer experience. A call center workflow is available, and it will help you improve your leads’ conversion rates.


Real time Dashboard

All KPIs always available

Your online business finally in the clear.

Our built-in reports and analytics provide insights to empower your decision making across the supply chain and give you a competitive advantage. This allows you to better understand results in advance and quickly adjust your marketing strategies.

Gain unparalleled insight into your business with eLogy’s analytics – now available for free! Packed with dynamic charts and real-time KPI tracking, this advanced tool empowers you with the data you need for smarter supply chain decisions. Elevate your operational visibility and performance to new heights.

eLogy perfectly interacts with all your online sales tools

Connect API Key and capture your online store events

Connect eLogy to your sales systems through our catalog of APIs and Webhooks.

eLogy platform directly captures all business events in real time from your e-commerce. It not only lets you import orders, leads and abandoned cart effortlessly but also ensures a seamless two-way flow of information. Experience streamlined communication and data exchange for superior business efficiency.

Elogy’s web-based software acts as your back office for logistics,  all at no extra cost for unlimited users.


Talk about us

What people who are already using eLogy think about us

Valerio Pezzano

Thanks to eLogy’s services  I was able to create various brands and build loyalty to my customer base.

Joe Di Siena

eLogy is my secret weapon to differentiate myself from all the affiliates who have not yet understood the importance of having a brand and a state-of-the-art logistics system.

Alex Micol

When technology, market needs and innovation meet, realities like eLogy’s are born.

International warehouses

More space. Everywhere!

Expand your online business anywhere, without limits. Finally all eLogy’s services are available in several European countries: Italy, Spain, Poland, and Eastern Europe. Our platform is designed for the global market, available in multilanguage and with warehouses located in multiple countries to allow you to position your inventory strategically and sell all over the world without hassle!

Frequently asked questions

You can connect your Shopify store with just a few clicks, or you can use our API catalog to connect any online store. Alternatively, you can upload your orders with a CSV or enter them manually with the “create order” function in the platform.

Certainly. In the “Cash on Delivery” section of the eLogy platform, you can view all your C.O.D. orders and track (in real time) when couriers collect payments from your customers.

Yes. On the eLogy platform, your shipments are categorized by status and updated in real time within the “Shipping” section. You can also view the shipment directly on the portal of the courier via link. Additionally, if the shipment is “on hold” at the courier facility, you can unlock it by giving it new indications of date and location directly on the platform.

The eLogy platform has a complete library of APIs and Webhooks that will allow you to easily keep your backend and CRM systems up to date. Check out our online technical documentation.

The eLogy platform manages leads and abandoned carts through a complete call center workflow that will allow you to contact your customers, update order data, up-sell and cross-sell, and finally confirm the order and send it to shipping. 

Certainly! You can connect your online store and upload your stock in the warehouse section of the platform. At this point, you can manage orders, arrange shipments and our courier will come to your warehouse to pick up and deliver your packages. From our dashboard, you will have a complete overview of products at your warehouse at all stages, receive reordering alerts, and you can follow the status of shipments in real time.

Yes, eLogy can help you in the supply of various products, from cosmetics / supplements to gadgets and gifts.
If, on the other hand, you already have your own supplier, you can continue to work with them and simply ship the goods to eLogy’s warehouse address.