Attract more customers thanks to elogy’s logistics network


Are you looking for ways to distinguish yourself in the ecommerce sector? Differentiating your brand is very important, and this can be done by looking at what customers expect from your store, especially in terms of shipping. eLogy’s logistics network can significantly reinforce and distinguish an ecommerce brand thanks to its innovative, sustainable, and customer-focused logistics solutions that provide a valuable competitive edge for ecommerce brands looking to stand out from competition in a market that is becoming saturated. 

Let’s examine the most common problems customers face when purchasing online and how eLogy’s solutions are designed for offering a perfect customer experience.



  • Communication: 83% of online shoppers expect regular updates about their orders.
  • Shipping costs impact: 43% of consumers abandon their shopping carts due to high shipping fees.
  • Free shipping appeal: 73% view free shipping as a critical factor driving purchases.


Longer than expected delivery times 

One of the primary reasons that cause ecommerce brands to lose sales is longer-than-expected delivery times. This most certainly discourages customers from buying! Online shoppers are not used to waiting too long for their orders anymore – they have higher expectations!


Fast and reliable shipping

eLogy delights customers with rapid and reliable delivery, even within 24/48 hours, thanks to our logistics network boosted by automatic best carrier selection for each order and optimized AI delivery routes. This speed is a critical differentiator in ecommerce, as it significantly reduces cart abandonment rates and multiplies sales. 


High shipping costs and less expansion opportunities

Many customers won’t complete a purchase if at checkout they are surprised by high shipping fees. Amazon and other ecommerce giants have indeed set high standards in the online retail industry, especially in terms of free shipping expectations. In fact, customers have come to expect free shipping as a standard when shopping online but many brands are unable to offer such an attractive service because of the high logistics costs this entails. Furthermore, these expenses are more complex to manage when it comes to international shipping because of higher logistics costs. There is therefore extreme competitive pressure in the industry, especially for smaller brands, and less opportunities to expand cross-border because of the high economical investment this process requires. 


Advantageous shipping rates even for international orders

Offering advantageous shipping rates or even free shipping is a huge differentiator and eLogy helps ecommerce businesses to do so! How?

Tech-driven logistics combined with carrier and warehousing network

Our tech logistics network ensures every order your customers place will be automatically assigned to the cheapest and best performing carrier. By optimizing carrier selection and delivery routes, eLogy ensures fast delivery within 24/48 hours.

Moreover, eLogy’s services include strategically located warehouses globally. The winning combination of technology with carrier and warehousing network enables rapid delivery to customers worldwide: stock can be placed closer to customers wherever they are, while logistics expenses are more economical even for international deliveries. For example, the European Cross-Border Masterbox Service, can reduce international shipping costs by up to 40%.


Inaccurate delivery estimates 

Accurate delivery time estimates are essential to enable customers to make informed decisions when placing an order. In fact, people often make purchases because they need a product by a specific date. However, ecommerce websites often have misleading information regarding shipping times and this causes frustration and dissatisfaction when deliveries don’t arrive as expected. It can be challenging to balance the promise of quick delivery with the realities of logistics and shipping constraints. Ecommerce stores have to be careful not to create a negative brand image in this sense to encourage customer loyalty. Even the best products won’t be sufficient to retain customers if the overall shopping experience is ruined by delays or poor communication.


Real-time tracking and transparency

With Elogy’s WMS (Warehouse Management System) Platform, businesses can automate all their logistics processes and track inventory and shipments in real-time, improving efficiency and accuracy. The platform’s tools are designed to enhance transparency throughout the supply chain, which is crucial for respecting delivering promises made to customers!  


Limited shipping options

A lack of diverse shipping options, such as express shipping, standard delivery, as well as delivery to pickup points or automated lockers can be a real drawback for customers who have specific shipping preferences or need flexibility. Most customers will switch to a competitor if their preferred delivery option is unavailable.


eLogy provides all shipping options your customers need, including express delivery for urgent orders, standard home delivery, and convenient alternatives to cater to all customer preferences, thereby enhancing the shipping experience for online buyers! 


Inflexible expensive returns 

Complicated or inflexible returns, including the customer having to pay for their return shipping costs, can discourage interested clients from making a purchase. Plus, returns can cost ecommerce owners a significant amount of money and often equal to 66% of the original item’s price.


Please your business and customers with cost-effective returns

With our tech-driven streamlined return management, you will experience substantial cost saving and operational improvements, especially when order volumes increase and become challenging to handle. During busy times, it is not uncommon for customers to be dissatisfied, due to inefficient return handling. With a 3PL like eLogy you can maintain customer satisfaction and improve the profitability of your online store by manage returns easily and automatically thanks to: 

  • Automatic return labels
  • Real time tracking
  • Carrier integration + AI optimised route planning
  • Strategic warehousing to ensure proximity to key markets and reduce returns times+costs
  • Data analysis to monitor performance and craft strategies



Poor visibility into supply chain operations and no strategic approach

36% of retailers struggle to deliver on time because they lack real-time order visibility and tracking. Often businesses focus on tracking orders only outside the warehouse, ignoring the fact that not monitoring earlier stages across all phases of fulfillment operations is risky because it leads to several inefficiencies. The absence of tracking leaves retailers in the dark regarding their performance metrics, hindering their ability to craft effective strategies, respond to market trends, and ultimately, boost profitability.


End-to-end visibility, automatic reorder notifications, and advanced analytics 

End-to-end visibility in logistics is crucial for forecasting trends, maintaining the right inventory balance, and streamlining management. eLogy provides businesses with full visibility across all their ecommerce operations, thus enabling them to proactively identify any potential issues before they escalate into larger problems. Being able to track inventory from the moment it enters the warehouse until products are delivered to customers combined with automatic reorder notifications means making the most of sales opportunities and saying goodbye to understocking or overstocking issues. Finally, our easy to access real-time insights and reporting is crucial to monitor performance and aid decision-making. This data-driven approach enables businesses to craft better strategies, manage costs more effectively, and improve all logistics operations.


Unsustainable shipping

The impact of shipping on the environment cannot be ignored and businesses have to start to adopt eco-friendly shipping practices and options. However, it is widely believed that implementing sustainable practices leads to increased expenses and less efficiency.


Sustainable and efficient operations

Just to put things into perspective: 2,000 monthly shipments from China to Italy can result in melting 10m² of Arctic polar ice every year.

eLogy envisions a future where centralized and proximity warehouses not only save on emissions but also costs. With digitized supply chains and AI optimized routes, eLogy supports your business’ transition to a greener ecommerce by streamlining logistics processes while minimizing their environmental impact.