Can small online businesses compete with retail giants like Amazon?

If you already have or are thinking about building your own ecommerce, you might feel discouraged by the market dominance of retail giants like Amazon. Most of the time, the first thing people do is search on these big platforms to see if the products they are looking for are available. Only if they don’t […]

Warehouse slotting: a comprehensive guide for ecommerce

How does a 20% increase in picking productivity sound? Yes, believe us, there’s always room for improvement in your warehouse. This is why we have decided to share a useful guide for ecommerce owners, explaining how effective warehouse slotting is beneficial for more accurate and faster picking processes, ultimately impacting order fulfillment and sales. Let’s […]

How to develop a supply chain strategy from scratch

Many businesses and online businesses find they are unable to compete in the market due to the absence of a defined supply chain strategy. If you think you are in this situation, don’t panic—it can be corrected with some dedicated effort. In this guide, we will walk you through the necessary steps to create a […]

7 effective ways to reduce road freight costs

Dear merchants, one of the most common questions we get asked is, “How can I reduce my freight costs?”. What you might not know yet is that you’re probably focusing on THE RATE which is actually the wrong aspect to concentrate on if you want to achieve substantial road freight savings. Many business owners find […]

What is fill rate and how to calculate it

Fill rate, also known as order fulfillment rate and demand satisfaction rate reflects how efficiently you are meeting customer demand without delays. It measures the percentage of orders that can be shipped immediately from available inventory without resorting to backorders and missing out on sales. It is a very important metric to keep track of, […]

The most common warehouse management problems and practical solutions to fix them

Cluttered aisles, high error rates, long fulfillment times, and increasing costs? These are all symptoms of a low performing warehouse. Let’s discover the most common warehouse management problems and how to fix them with practical solutions designed to improve the overall productivity of your warehouse operations. Warehouse capacity In the context of ecommerce, warehouse capacity […]

How and why distribute inventory across multiple warehouses

Have you ever thought that your warehouse may be costing you more than you think? Ecommerce merchants often believe that using multiple warehouses will lead to greater complexities and extra costs. Actually, it’s the opposite! Having access to multiple warehouses and fulfillment centres involves a series of benefits that directly influence a business’ revenue. As […]

Mother’s Day 2024: insights into latest trends

As Mother’s Day approaches, consumer purchasing reveals intriguing behaviours. Although moms always tell their children that it’s the thought that counts, shoppers know that a personalised choice always makes a difference. Are you ready to dive into the latest ecommerce trends that could boost your Mother’s Day sales?  Sport and tech dominate the market This […]