Mother’s Day 2024: insights into latest trends


As Mother’s Day approaches, consumer purchasing reveals intriguing behaviours. Although moms always tell their children that it’s the thought that counts, shoppers know that a personalised choice always makes a difference. Are you ready to dive into the latest ecommerce trends that could boost your Mother’s Day sales? 

Sport and tech dominate the market

This year has witnessed a significant rise in interest for sports and fitness related purchases. This inclination towards an active and healthy lifestyle is also reflected in Mother’s Day gift choices. Is your store ready to meet the demand for these popular items? 

Sports sunglasses +71.5%

Trekking sandals +69%

Outdoor trousers +39%

Running clothes +39%

Running shoes +12%

Beauty and care products remain timeless

Despite the growing enthusiasm for fitness, beauty and care products continue to capture a lot of consumer interest. As Mother’s Day approaches, there has been a remarkable increase in searches for these products. Is your promotional strategy emphasising the unique aspects of your beauty offerings?

Lip Gloss +166%

Liquid lipstick +67%

Beauty sets +41%

Hair care products +32%

Unisex perfumes +31%

Technological gifts shaping the market

Lastly, ecommerce businesses have been witnessing a growing demand for tech products. These are this year’s favourites:

Compact cameras +25%

Hairdryers +24%

Smartphones +19%

How eLogy can support your business strategy to make the most of your sales for Mother’s Day

Take advantage of the buying impulse

There are several strategies an ecommerce business owner can adopt to successfully take advantage of the buying impulse for Mother’s Day:

1.Offer fast deliveries and easy returns

When you offer fast deliveries, you instantly encourage customers to click on the “buy” button. This is because it aligns with modern day consumer need for instant gratification and, at the same time, it allows many people to buy last-minute gifts and still receive them on time. This will enhance their shopping experience, especially if combined with different delivery options to choose from at checkout. Also, make sure your returns are simple, free, and straightforward. It will convince even the most skeptical when they realise they have nothing to lose. 

2.Use data driven insights to predict demand

Smart inventory management allows you to meet product demand effectively. You wouldn’t want to lose sales due to stockouts. eLogy’s advanced technology and analytics allow you to always keep track of your inventory data, as well as movements across warehouses and sales-channels. In this way, you can always keep the right amount of stock close to key markets and, thanks to low-stock notifications alerts, you can restock just-in time! Moreover, our advanced analytics tools enable merchants to predict future demand and restock the most popular items to never miss a sale! In fact, if you know which items are the most requested, you can adjust your price and marketing strategy for Mother’s Day gifts accordingly.

A practical example of how to leverage eLogy’s smart inventory management and fulfillment services for Mother’s Day gift promotion 

Let’s say you are the owner of an ecommerce store specialising in fitness products. Is your business capable of reacting quickly enough to new market trends? The ability to swiftly anticipate and adapt to consumer preferences is very important to maintain a competitive advantage.


Make decisions based on analytics:

  • Before Mother’s Day, your ecommerce company can leverage eLogy’s analytics toolsfor insights on sales data from the previous year, understanding the most popular items during the Mother’s Day period.

Adjust inventory levels:

  • Based on predictive analytics, you can increase your stock levels for high-demand products across eLogy’s multiple warehouses, ensuring that each centre has enough stock to meet regional demands.

Create a pricing strategy:

  • Knowing which items are likely to be in high demand, you can adjust prices slightly higher on them to maximise profit margins. You can also  create special promotions and bundled deals to encourage larger purchases.

Focus on marketing:

  • You can launch targeted email campaigns and social media ads focusing on your top-selling items, utilising eLogy’s analytics to personalise recommendations based on customer purchase history, demographics, and counrtries.

Enhance customer shopping experience with streamlined fulfillment and returns:

  • Every online order is in good hands. You can delight your customers with fast deliveries at competitive rates, thanks to eLogy’s warehousing and fulfillment network. Our system automatically selects the best carrier at the best rate, based on destination. In this way, you can directly cut shipping costs and reduce time on the road thanks to our AI smart route optimization. You can also enhance your customers’ shopping experience by offering easy returns. eLogy’s system handles the logistics of printing return labels, scheduling pick-ups to make the entire process hassle-free for you and your customers.

Restock proactively with low-stock notifications:

  • As Mother’s Day approaches, it is essential to keep the right amount of stock available. eLogy’s low-stock notification alerts prevent stockouts during critical sales periods.


Post-sales insights 

  • After Mother’s Day you will be able to review sales performance and inventory movements, identifying trends, and valuable insights for future strategic planning.

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