Pubblicato il 31/01/2024

Dropshipping: top trends & niches for success in 2024



Whether you’re thinking of starting a dropshipping business or you want to enhance your existing one, it’s crucial to identify a specific market segment for your products. This segment is known as a niche and targeting your strategies towards a particular demographic allows your business to set itself apart. This is because dropshipping’s appeal as a low-risk business model has made it highly competitive. Contrary to the common belief that you can just start selling any product and be successful, reality demands a strategic approach. In this article, we’ll discover how to identify product niches that are high in demand or gaps where competitors are not meeting consumer needs. 


What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a fulfillment method where the retailer doesn’t keep inventory in stock but relies on third party suppliers to ship directly to customers. There are many misbeliefs associated with this business model and understanding them can help set realistic strategies for a more profitable business venture.


Myth: Dropshipping is about selling inexpensive, imitation products. 


Reality: Although many focus on budget-friendly items, there is an expanding segment for niche, specialised products that offer greater profit margins.


Researching which products are trending and identifying gaps in the market is therefore the first step to take! Let’s find out how..


Gain insights on market demand using online tools

Online tools like Meta Audience Insights, Google Trends, or Google Keyword Planner are really useful to understand a product’s market demand. In fact, you can research dropshipping products and identify niche markets or emerging trends because you’ll find useful information on categories and topics that appeal to specific demographics, geography, as well as audience engagement metrics. For example, if you’re interested in the sustainable products niche, start by entering relevant keywords into these tools. Then, you’ll discover the number of active monthly users, how many people are searching for words or phrases, their preferences, interests, and geographical distribution.

All this information is essential to structure your strategy by refining product offerings and identifying areas with high potential for growth in the dropshipping business. 


Focus on scarcity

Identifying niche products that are scarce or unavailable in certain local markets will allow your dropshipping business to gain an online advantage. Obviously, it’s important to balance product uniqueness with a strong enough demand.


Find low turnover products


After identifying a product niche, a strategic approach consists of identifying products with low turnover to ensure a greater stability for your business. In fact, when products remain in demand over longer periods, it means you can invest resources to better target marketing campaigns and build a more consistent online presence.


Top dropshipping trends & niches in 2024

To build a successful dropshipping product catalogue, consider adding products that belong to these niches.


Sustainable products

Chemical-free cleaning products 

High-quality water bottles 

Organic products

Solar-powered electronics 

Sustainable wear

Tote bags 

Biodegradable utensils 

Reusable coffee cups


Car accessories

Bluetooth car adapters

USB car chargers

Car bins

Dash cams and backup cams 

Device holders and mounts 

Floor mats

Portable vacuum cleaners 

Multi-compartment boot organisers


Phone accessories

Battery charger phone cases 

Personalizable phone cases 

Bluetooth speakers


Car chargers

Power banks

Wireless charging stations 

Wallet phone cases


Consumer electronics

Waterproof bluetooth speakers 

Adjustable VR headsets 

Universal A/C controllers 

Waterproof action cams 

Wireless bluetooth receivers 

LED video light cams

Wireless gaming headsets



Resistance bands set 

Anti-slip yoga mats

Indoor fitness trampolines 

Heavy grips wrist trainers 

Electric muscle stimulators 

Weighted jump ropes

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