Ecommerce in Latin America: new opportunities for retailers


Latin America is today highly appealing for international expansion due to its growing e-commerce market, currently valued at an impressive $362 billion and with annual growth rates of 25%. Compared to the United States, where Amazon monopolizes the digital shopping landscape, Latin America offers a more diverse and dynamic market, with many online marketplaces constituting over 80% of the total e-commerce sales within the region. This diversity provides many opportunities for sellers to reach a broader audience and offer a range of products to capture market share. Let’s discover the most popular ecommerce platforms in Latin America.


Mercado Libre

Mercado Libre a dominant platform in Latin America, with a presence in 18 countries, a monthly visitor count of over 668 million and an active buyer base of more than 100 million individuals. It boasts nearly three times the traffic of Amazon. Its key markets include Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia, with Brazil representing over 55% of total sales, while Argentina and Mexico contribute respectively, at 25% and 15%. Sellers on this platform are rated using a scoring system that rewards successful sales, customer satisfaction, and order cancellation rates. 



Americanas is the second-largest online marketplace in Brazil with over 130 million monthly visitors and more than 40 million products.



VIA Varejo

VIA Varejo is the second largest marketplace conglomerate in Brazil, with over 200 million monthly visitors


Magalu (Magazine Luiza)

Magalu is a dominant online marketplace exclusive to Brazil and very popular in the country, with more than 100 million monthly visitors


Walmart Mexico

Walmart Mexico (Walmex) has over 80 million monthly visitors and more than 3,000 registered users



Carrefour attracts more than 20 million visitors per month.



Coppel is a popular department store that operates across multiple channels. Its presence in Mexico is significant with its online platform experiencing a 300% increase in online sales



Buscapé is a very popular comparative shopping service in Brazil with over 10 million registered users and more than 30 million monthly visitors.



Mobly is a Brazilian online marketplace that specializes in furniture and home decor. It boasts over 20 million monthly visitors and 3 million registered customers.


E-commerce growth rates (CAGR) in Latin America


  • Brazil: 17 % growth by 2026
  • Mexico: 33% growth by 2026
  • Colombia: 27% growth by 2026
  • Argentina: 22% growth by 2026
  • Chile: 18% growth by 2026
  • Peru: 35% growth by 2026


Popular sales events


#HotSale is a popular online shopping event, held on different dates per country (typically May or June), and is similar to Cyber Monday in the USA. It features exclusive discounts and promotions from various e-commerce platforms and retailers. 


#BuenFin is Mexico’s equivalent to Black Friday and is held annually in November. It attracts a large number of shoppers that shop for holiday deals both online and in physical stores.


#BlackFriday has gained significant popularity in countries like Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia.


#CyberMonday has its origin in the United States but has gained popularity in Chile, Peru, Mexico and Brazil.


#SemanaDoBrasil is a relatively new shopping event held in September in Brazil during which consumers can access discounts and promotions on products and services.


#CyberWow is Chile’s version of Cyber Monday and is held in May


#CiberLunes is an online shopping event in Peru similar to Cyber Monday


#DíaSinIVA is a Tax-Free Day event held in various countries in Latin America, during which the government temporarily eliminates IVA on certain products, resulting in a surge of sales of electronics and appliances.


#ViernesSanto is often associated with special sales and discounts in Latin America. 


Latin America has emerged as a growing market in the e-commerce landscape. There are plenty of opportunities for merchants looking to capitalise on this growth, and eLogy’s solutions are designed to help businesses expand their reach and cater to the demands of the region seamlessly.

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