Logistics data: why is it important?


In today’s market, retailers are burdened with the challenge of finding ways to maximize efficiency while cutting down on costs. Fortunately, adopting automation to gather relevant logistics data is a key strategy in addressing these difficult tasks. Advanced technological systems are able to streamline processes and reduce errors, allowing for quicker decision-making and enhanced supply chain operations.

Logistics data becomes an asset, offering insights that can shape strategic decisions, reducing expenses, and enhancing all operations.

Thanks to automation, key metrics such as shipment accuracy, cost, efficiency, etc., can be monitored easily, offering a comprehensive view of logistical workflows.

This information is useful to understand, for example, which new shipment methods to adopt, how to improve distribution and, ultimately, to find effective ways to elevate shopping experience for customers.

The advantages of monitoring real-time data

​​Obtaining and monitoring real-time data is crucial for retailers because supply chains are not static but evolve in response to new market dynamics. Gaining visibility into operations is a game-changer, as it enriches logistics operations with fundamental information and possibilities, like being able to track inventory and shipments from origin to destination, assess carrier performance more accurately, and identify discrepancies that can be addressed more promptly.

Obviously, gathering data accurately requires the adequate cutting-edge technology.

In fact, businesses often lack the necessary means to employ and read data effectively. eLogy’s logistics analytics software bridges this gap by delivering sophisticated data analysis through user-friendly interfaces.  Thanks to eLogy data meets strategy, and predictions become sales opportunities.

Through our platform you will instantly access:

  • Cloud-based complex data sets delivered into actionable insights
  • Detailed tracking of Key Performance Indicators 
  • Craft data-driven strategies to create more sales opportunities
  • Cost management, carrier performance, logistics operations data
  • End-to-end visibility in all operations across all channels

Why is end-to-end visibility important in logistics?

For businesses, having end-to-end visibility means gathering data that empowers them to forecast trends and make predictions. This is extremely important to maintain the right inventory balance and streamline management, ensuring processes are efficient. Furthermore, this can help avoid  costly situations like excess inventory or out-of-stocks. As far as transport and logistics are concerned, data enables optimized delivery route planning, thus cutting delivery expenses, fuel consumption, and shortening delivery times.



eLogy’s insights and analytics tools are essential for e-commerce businesses aiming for operational excellence. Thanks to real-time, end-to-end visibility and data-driven insights, eLogy equips retailers with the foresight and agility they need to navigate the complexities of today’s evolving market. Businesses can finally anticipate trends, optimize inventory levels, and streamline processes, thereby not just meeting but exceeding customer expectations

Transform your e-commerce logistics into a seamless, efficient, and customer-centric powerhouse.