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Pubblicato il 07/03/2023

Outsourcing logistics. Advantages and advice


The outsourcing of logistics is a trend that in recent years has acquired great relevance within corporate decisions. This interest in outsourcing logistics processes brings in fact two important advantages: entrusting logistics processes to experts in the field and savings in terms of warehouse management, couriers and employees who have to deal with the activities. Choosing an outsourcing process means benefiting from the support of experts that guarantee professionalism, structures, knowledge, know-how and the possibility of better management of shipments also abroad.


The 3 main advantages of outsourcing logistics

In highly competitive markets, it is necessary to distinguish yourself, and paying attention to logistics management can certainly not be missing. Nowadays, it is normal for users to receive the products they need even in a few days, and in some cases even in just 24 hours. Therefore, offering an excellent and fast service has become a necessity. This is why more and more entrepreneurs choose a logistics partner for their company that can help them in warehouse management, lowering costs and improving the supply chain process. Furthermore, it is thanks to external logistics services that many have the opportunity to open ecommerce without having a warehouse and to manage sales in the best possible way, not only in Italy but also abroad. Let’s discover why outsourcing warehouse logistics management is a competitive advantage that cannot be ignored.


Reducing business risks and optimizing costs

When it comes to outsourcing logistics, one of the main advantages is certainly the reduction of business risks and offering better customer service at a lower cost, compared to direct management. In fact, when you outsource logistics, you can save on costs such as renting a warehouse, shipping management software, warehouse management personnel, costs related to agreements with one or more couriers for deliveries. This results in expenses optimization while also benefiting from the economies of scale generated by relying on trusted partners such as eLogy.


Professional logistics management

When the logistics service is outsourced, it is possible to manage several orders at the same time and to expand your business abroad or in other European countries. Furthermore, the support of a specialized partner, guarantees core business optimization, while offering all customers professional shipping without excessive costs for the customer and the company.


After-sales customer service

Choosing external logistics operators means having someone take care of warehouse management and product shipping, but also support in after-sales customer service. In this case it is also possible to delegate the customer assistance in case of problems with shipments, damaged products, management of returns, etc.


How to choose the best partner to outsource logistics

The advantages of outsourcing logistics are different, as we have seen, but how to choose the best partner to manage your warehouse and shipments? Evaluating the right partner for your company requires a careful analysis of the advantages and services offered in terms of logistics management and not only. In fact, whether you want to look for a company that simply takes care of the outsourcing of the logistics process or that takes care of the entire process from the warehouse to after-sales customer service, there are a few factors to consider:

  • The company must be reliable and have a solid organizational structure
  • Must use innovation as a means to offer increasingly better services in line with the demands of the moment
  • Business software dedicated to performance monitoring and shipment tracking
  • Possibility of delegating customer service or managing it independently through dedicated programs for after-sales assistance
  • A reliable outsourcer that allows you to better manage shipments in Italy and the rest of Europe
  • Clear tariffs
  • Use of artificial intelligence to provide the best quality/price ratio of couriers used for deliveries
  • Assistance to the client company carried out in a clear way

We at eLogy, as experts in the Fulfillment and Warehousing services, want to offer the best to companies that choose to outsource logistics activities, with an attentive, personalized and tailor-made service that satisfies both the brand and its end customer.


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