Romania’s ecommerce market highlights and opportunities


Romania’s e-commerce market is growing significantly, enhanced by factors such as increased trust in digital transactions among the population, and advancements in logistical structures across the country.

This market offers a lot of opportunities for retailers seeking to engage a new customer base and expand in a new market. 


Market highlights and opportunities

The Romanian e-commerce market generated $3.2 billion in revenue in 2021 and is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 16% between 2022 and 2025. Moreover, 27% of Romanians prefer buying from international stores or other EU stores (23%).


Innovative delivery options

Retailers who are thinking of expanding their product reach in Romania should capitalize on the trend towards convenience. More and more consumers prefer to pick up their packages from nearby lockers at the time and day that is most suitable for them, rather than relying on traditional home delivery services.


Flexible payment options

The current economic context is leading to a higher demand for delayed payment or installment options like Buy Now Pay Later. Online stores that offer such payment options are witnessing an increase in conversion rates.

Wider product selection

E-commerce offers the opportunity to access a wider product selection than those available locally. In fact, if you are thinking of expanding to Romania, consider that local retail stores often have a limited product variety. Therefore, your e-commerce platforms can offer an extensive range of products that cater to the diverse consumer preferences with a more competitive pricing.


Market constraints

Logistical difficulties

Even if there have been enhancements in logistics infrastructures, Romania still encounters challenges in delivery services, especially in remote areas of the country. These regions often face delays and are difficult to access, factors that can negatively impact the customer experience. If you partner with a logistics service provider like eLogy that has its own fulfillment center strategically located to deliver seamlessly in the country, you will be able to deliver your products swiftly, catering promptly to the needs of Romanian consumers.

Preference for Cash-on-Delivery 

A large segment of the Romanian market continues to prefer COD as a payment method. This preference poses logistical and operational challenges for online retailers, including the need for complex handling processes. Moreover, despite the increase of digital payments, Romania’s range of available online payment options remains somewhat limited compared to other countries. 

With a partner like eLogy, you can cater to the diverse preferences of your customers without hassle, everywhere and anywhere.


Most popular product categories



The demand for electronics is very high in the Romanian online market, especially for products like smartphones and laptops. E-tailers in this domain who want to expand their reach to Romania should elaborate competitive pricing strategies, special deals, and an extensive selection of products to cater to customer demand.


Online shopping for fashion items in Romania is growing day by day. Digital platforms are enhancing the shopping experience by providing full product details, accurate sizing guides, and clear return policies, thereby boosting customer confidence in purchasing clothing and accessories online.


Home and furniture

Online shopping for home and furniture items has witnessed notable growth. E-commerce sites are attracting customers by offering innovative features such as virtual showrooms and 3D tools, along with flexible delivery options. This makes shopping for home décor, appliances, and furniture more convenient and appealing for the Romanian customers.


Beauty and personal care 

This category has seen a huge increase in online activity, with more and more people shopping for beauty and personal care products on digital platforms. The focus for retailers operating in this sector should be to ensure product genuineness, provide detailed product descriptions, and offer personalised suggestions to meet individual needs.


Why expand your market reach to Romania with eLogy

E-commerce breaks down geographical barriers, allowing businesses to access broader markets. This expanded reach is particularly beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses that can now access customers far beyond their local areas without the need for physical expansion. However, there are many logistical challenges that businesses cannot often face alone.

By partnering with an expert third party logistics provider like eLogy, businesses can significantly lower their expenses in international shipping while extending their market reach. This includes savings on physical locations and logistical infrastructures, precisely because eLogy has its own strategically located fulfillment centres and delivery networks to deliver worldwide. This cost-effectiveness can translate into better pricing strategies and higher profit margins for your business.

eLogy allows you to manage inventory and optimize logistics, improving your bottom line and customer experience through faster and more reliable delivery services wherever you need.