Top 5 online marketplaces in Spain in 2023


Online marketplaces provide a straightforward means for online merchants who desire to expand to new markets. It is crucial to consider the unique features of the various sales platforms before venturing into them and to understand the different advantages for your e-commerce business. 

Spain is the 16th largest market for eCommerce with a projected market volume of US$47,486.6  million by 2027. Food & Personal Care is the largest market and accounts for 27.7% of the country’s eCommerce revenue. It is followed by Electronics & Media with 26.0%, Fashion with 22.8%, Furniture & Appliances with 13.2%, and Toys, Hobby & DIY with the remaining 10.2%.

What is an online marketplace?

Online marketplaces are ecommerce websites that combine the convenience of shopping from home while providing a vast selection of products akin to that of a large shopping centre. These marketplaces facilitate price comparison, making it easier to find convenient deals. Shoppers can place orders on the Website or through dedicated apps, benefitting from efficient delivery services, thanks to the collaboration with 3PL companies.

What are the benefits or advantages of selling on online marketplaces?

The European e-commerce market has experienced remarkable growth, and is the third largest ecommerce market in the world, with total online retail sales of $498 billion annually. Moreover, selling on an online marketplace offers significant advantages, including:

Easy setup process

Major marketplaces provide an intuitive online setup that allows retailers to easily list their products without the need for extensive IT resources or complicated procedures.

Extensive customer reach

Online marketplaces play a vital role in expanding the reach of your brand, especially when your products are unfamiliar to potential customers. These platforms allow you to connect more easily to potential customers and are five times more likely than your website to be the initial starting point for your consumers’ research.

Greater scalability

By leveraging global platforms like Amazon or Etsy, you can easily expand your business, tapping into new customer bases and unlocking growth opportunities.

Let’s discover the top 10 online marketplaces in Spain, based on monthly visits in April 2023 with data retrieved from Similarweb.

#1 Marketplace in Spain

  • Visits per month in Spain:138,3 million 


Advantage of

The main advantage of Amazon as an online marketplace is obviously its unparalleled customer reach and the trust buyers have in its robust services which include fast, cheap deliveries, 24/7 customer assistance and secure payment methods.

#2 Marketplace in Spain

El cortes inglés


  • Visits per month in Spain: 25.4 million


Advantage of El Corte Inglés:

El Corte Inglés has a solid brand reputation in Spain and is very popular in the country. In 2022 it generated approximately 50% of the sales reported for the Spanish fashion industry.


#3 Marketplace in Spain


  • Visits per month in Spain:9.9 million 


Advantage of Carrefour:

In 2021 Carrefour emerged as the top player in the Spanish food and personal care market and in 2o22 it generated a total revenue of over $300 million.


#4 Marketplace in Spain

  • Visits per month in Spain:8.9 million


Advantage of pccomponentes:

pccomponentes is the leading platform for electronics in Spain, due to its reputation for offering top-quality products in the sector.


#5 Marketplace in Spain


  • Visits per month in Spain: 6.6 million 


Advantage of ZARA:

With its large and active customer base, ZARA is one of the most popular platforms for fashion. Operating in multiple countries, ZARA is a must-have for fashion brands who want to expand their reach in Spain as well, with many young buyers preferring this marketplace.