Pubblicato il 10/07/2023

Unboxing experience: elevating your product value with customised packaging



When was the last time you received a package that made you say “WOW”? The feeling of opening a beautifully designed box can leave a lasting impression. Businesses are discovering the value of customised packaging and how they can turn a delivery into a delightful moment that customers will remember, making them want to return and shop again. Think about it; over 90.000 people type unboxing on Youtube every month. Why? It’s because the act of unboxing triggers excitement and anticipation, just like when children unwrap their Christmas presents. After all, we are all grown-up children. It’s part of human nature, we love that emotional moment of opening something, even when we already know what’s inside, whether we are aware of it or not. So, next time you consider the packaging for your product, remember the magic it holds. 


The importance of visual appeal

First impressions count, and your packaging is the first tangible encounter people have with your brand. Make them fall in love with it by investing in unique designs, typography or layers of discovery and different materials. A thoughtfully designed package sets the stage for a special unboxing experience. Moreover, remember that people love sharing on social media. If your packaging is visually striking it becomes highly shareable content. Customers will share their unboxing experience and make their followers curious about your brand.


Add a special touch with personalised messages or notes

In today’s digital age, personalization makes the difference. Include a customised message or note inside your package to make your customers feel cared for and valued. Whether it is a handwritten thank-you note, or a card with an original design and message, this simple gesture will add a personal touch to the unboxing experience, making your customers feel they had an authentic interaction with your brand. If your products have something unique about them, highlight their features on a flyer to put  inside your box.


Packaging for every occasion: campaign specific or seasonal themes

Holidays and special occasions can be your chance to surprise customers by creating themed packaging that reflect limited seasonal product editions. This extra care will distinguish you from other competitors who provide a more standardised experience. 


Packaging with a purpose: sustainability

With rising environmental issues and consumer awareness, sustainable packaging has become a key element of the delivery experience. Most customers are willing to pay more if they have the eco-friendly packaging option to choose from and will favour a brand who commits to using recyclable materials over others. Exploring packaging solutions that minimise waste, while communicating this commitment effectively, will resonate with people who care about sustainability and raise awareness around the theme.


Surprise your customers: add gifts, samples or discount codes

Freebies and discount codes are powerful marketing tools to retain customers or reward loyal customers. These incentivise purchases too because they encourage customers to try new products or services.



Packaging is not just important to protect your products during delivery; it’s a powerful marketing tool and an opportunity to create a deeper connection with your brand. 

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