Pubblicato il 07/03/2023

How to improve your ecommerce logistics performance


A proper management of your logistics will help you maximize your ecommerce profits. Logistics accounts for about 80% of an ecommerce’s expenses and includes all the steps necessary to make sure that the products reach the customer without damage or delays. It is therefore the pillar of every online sales activity and in this article we will discover the advantages of optimizing your ecommerce logistics and how it can help you scale your business.


1. Distribute your inventory

Keeping all your inventory in one location is counterproductive, especially if your online store is expanding. In fact, shipping all orders from one location will force you to spend more for shipping to distant locations or lose customers who don’t want to wait 7-10 days for cheaper shipping. Using a logistics service like eLogy will help you reduce costs, improve logistics performance and optimize the management of ecommerce shipments. Thanks to its strategically located warehouses, your orders will quickly reach your customers wherever they are, always at convenient rates for you and them, in 24/48 hours guaranteed.


2. Reduce delivery times

To make sure that orders are shipped quickly to your customers, it is essential to have precise control of the supply chain. Synchronizing warehouse and courier information will help you simplify the entire ecommerce fulfillment process, as well as problem solving, thanks to real-time updates and tracking of each item that enters and leaves your warehouse. Any ecommerce store should have accurate and constant control of stock in the warehouse. A warehouse logistics optimization system allows you to manage all this data in an automated and, above all, transparent way. In fact, warehouses are often filled with obsolete products, which take up space and increase maintenance costs for no valid reason. Using a scanning system to automatically order, track and classify inventory, combining warehouse and physical space management with technology, will make you function better, help you control logistics performance and fulfill orders in the shortest time possible. With eLogy you can partner with a global carrier network and automatically select those who ship the fastest at the best rates for every order.


3. Improve customer experience 

Relying on ecommerce logistics professionals will increase the quality of your services and consequently your customers’ satisfaction for their online experience. Remember to listen and accompany the buyer during all phases, from pre-sale to post-sale. Investing resources in Customer Care and knowing how to solve problems quickly will decrease the return rate of your products, thus saving the money invested in shipments. On eLogy’s dashboard you will find a chat section to assist your customers, integrated tools such as WhatsApp or Chatboat and the option to rely on a call center workflow to optimize communication with customers 24/7. In addition, you will be able to offer greater transparency and security, thanks to features like automatic updates of shipment status, real-time tracking and personalized updates via SMS. For ecommerce it is essential to convey reliability and safety, which are the two main elements that encourage people to buy online. Even though online shopping has become so popular, it is also true that no one will enter their sensitive data, such as payment or shipping information, on a site that is not 100% safe or that they do not know, especially if they cannot contact assistance at any time in case of problems.

3. Improve returns management

Ecommerce returns are one of the aspects that take up the most time and money. More orders mean more returns and you’ll need to pick them up and process them as quickly as possible to build trust and ensure your customers they won’t be stuck with a product they don’t want. If this phase is particularly complicated for them, the only certainty you will have is that they will not buy from you but from someone else. If you want to build a successful business, you will have to offer simple returns management, without additional costs for the customer, and be able to deal with every phase of the logistics process with the same speed, accuracy and care. A correct analysis of logistics costs is extremely important. Relying on a 3PL service like eLogy allows you to work with a large network of couriers so you can set your preferences and receive returns in a way that benefits you the most. With fast and effective systems for identifying, repacking and restocking returned items, your customers will benefit from extreme speed. However, to optimize returns, the supply chain must be transparent, as customers expect to track their items. With eLogy’s ecommerce logistics software, you will be able to create a space in your warehouse dedicated to the management of returns, monitor them from a single interface to minimize the time your team spends on processing them, have real-time updates and thus reduce the time between accepting a return and refunding the client.

Your online store will be more reliable with an ecommerce logistics software. 

The main obstacle in ecommerce logistics is the interaction and connection of the different activities within the logistics department. An eCommerce logistics software like eLogy allows you to manage the volume of all these operations in a simple way and from one single dashboard. You will finally offer a logistics service adequate to satisfy customers and grow your business while guaranteeing the right reliability and transparency.

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