How and why distribute inventory across multiple warehouses

Have you ever thought that your warehouse may be costing you more than you think? Ecommerce merchants often believe that using multiple warehouses will lead to greater complexities and extra costs. Actually, it’s the opposite! Having access to multiple warehouses and fulfillment centres involves a series of benefits that directly influence a business’ revenue. As […]

Mother’s Day 2024: insights into latest trends

As Mother’s Day approaches, consumer purchasing reveals intriguing behaviours. Although moms always tell their children that it’s the thought that counts, shoppers know that a personalised choice always makes a difference. Are you ready to dive into the latest ecommerce trends that could boost your Mother’s Day sales?  Sport and tech dominate the market This […]

Leading ecommerce European markets – Germany

  Germany’s ecommerce market is prominent and fast-growing. Withan annual growth rate (CAGR 2024-2029) of 8.22%, ecommerce in Germany is projected to reach a market volume of US$149.90bn by 2029.  Ecommerce key players in Germany is at the forefront of online retail, still unmet in its customer-centric and technological approach. Otto, the […]

The most important carrier performance metrics to achieve delivery success

Building a carrier performance metric program is crucial for assessing the effectiveness of your ecommerce logistics operations. By focusing on essential key performance indicators (KPIs), you can have a direct impact on your business’s financial health. In this way, you can keep track of costs and maintain both financial and operational stability. Thanks to accurate […]

How warehouse monitoring technologies improve warehouse management

Successful ecommerce warehouse management requires careful monitoring and coordination of activities, so that everything is under control and occurs within strict timelines. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about warehouse monitoring and the best technologies that retailers can employ to make sure activities are carried out efficiently. What is warehouse […]

How to overcome international ecommerce market expansion challenges

E-commerce businesses that would like to broaden their product reach to achieve sustainable growth and long-term success need to create a market expansion plan. Effective global e-commerce expansion indeed comes with its own challenges and risks, yet leveraging an all-in-one solution like eLogy equips retailers with the necessary tools to embark on a growth journey […]

Hybrid order picking is transforming warehouse and ecommerce logistics

Did you know that the fusion of technology and precious human touch is revolutionising ecommerce order fulfillment? In fact, the purpose of logistics operations is to fulfill orders as fast as possible, and, as solutions powered by technology are optimising processes, they are also transforming the functioning of a warehouse. Picking is among the operations […]

How does a warehouse management system (WMS) work?

Running a warehouse is an expensive, time-consuming and complex activity. This is why, often, businesses outsource their logistics, relying on 3PL companies to take care of warehousing operations and customer orders. These companies ensure that all operations are efficient, from picking and packing to delivery and returns, and that storage space is organised properly. How […]