How to choose the best carrier for your online sales

The right carrier partnerships are a decisive factor in the e-commerce landscape, because they determine the satisfaction of your customers, boost operational efficiency and can affect the reputation of your brand – consequently your sales too! So, how to choose the best carrier? Which elements should you consider when partnering with a carrier service? In […]

Importance of collaboration between suppliers and logistics

A synergic collaboration between suppliers and logistics is the pillar of modern companies, where information sharing is one of the driving forces that avoids almost all disruptions. In fact, unexpected changes in the market can arise on a daily basis in any industry. The main obstacle here is segmentation, namely when processes and departments are […]

Importance of the supply chain: key strategies for developing a successful and sustainable supply chain for your ecommerce business

A supply chain is the system that connects your business and suppliers, enabling you to produce and deliver goods to your customers. This system involves orchestrating various processes, from procuring raw materials and developing products to efficiently handling logistics. Accurately managing the supply chain means optimising inbound and outbound logistics processes, namely the key to […]

Why COGS is important for your business and how to calculate it

COGS, which stands for Cost of Goods Sold, is an important factor to consider to understand whether your business is making profits. It helps to gain an accurate understanding of your expenses and will help you in making more informed decisions when establishing the prices of your products. In this article, we’ll explore everything you […]

Tips to improve your ecommerce conversion rate

Whether you have a small or large e-commerce business, the number one objective is ensuring that website visitors become customers. A high conversion rate is the best indicator that your e-commerce store is successfully engaging with its visitors. Therefore, focusing on improving your ecommerce conversion rate is essential to drive long-term growth. What does conversion […]

The importance of focusing on customer LTV this Black Friday

Major sale events, like Black Friday, require you to be well-prepared in advance in order to make the most of these opportunities. Adopting the right strategies will ensure you grow your business on solid foundations and pursue long-term success. True magic lies in making customers stick around and not just pop in for a one-time […]

Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria ecommerce market trends 2023

Online shoppers in these CEE countries tend to make purchases from foreign online stores. Hungarians (77%) are the most active in this sense, followed by Bulgarians (71%) and Romanians (67%). Considering that the EU average for shopping from foreign websites is 57%, these percentages are quite high. The primary reason for this is that consumers […]

Czech Republic ecommerce market trends 2023

The Czech Republic is the 45th largest growing ecommerce market. Its CAGR is projected to grow by 9% (2023-2028). In the Czech eCommerce market, the number of users is expected to amount to 7.4m by 2027. 81% of consumers opt for organic foods through online platforms International retailers can take advantage of the Czech market […]

Minimum Order Quantity: How to calculate, advantages and how to make the most of your inventory

Ecommerce businesses often buy raw materials or ready-made products from manufacturers. The challenge here lies in balancing inventory levels to meet consumer requirements without overstocking or understocking. Minimum order quantity (MOQ) is a parameter set by suppliers because bulk production is more convenient for them but this can often hinder an ecommerce’s inventory balance. In […]

Phygital retail: the new marketing frontier

In today’s digital age, as the boundaries between physical and digital realities blur, we are witnessing the emergence of a new shopping paradigm: the “phygital” experience. In other words it is the blend between digital and physical. In the retail landscape this amalgamation is reshaping the future of customer shopping habits and expectations. Let’s discover […]