On-Time Shipping: why is it important for your business? (2024)

On-Time Shipping is a key performance indicator (KPI) essential in logistics data that measures the percentage of orders shipped by or before the requested date. Keeping track of this KPI is very important to evaluate the efficiency of your supply chain and understand if there are problems within the fulfillment process that require immediate intervention. […]

Inventory turnover rate: why is it important for your business? (2024)

Inventory Turnover Rate is an essential KPI among logistics data that reflects how often stock is sold within a given timeframe, and is a critical metric for production planning, logistics operations, as well as marketing and sales. Generally speaking, a higher inventory turnover indicates better performance, meaning that stock is managed effectively and inventory is […]

What is intralogistics and why is it important for your business?

Third-party logistics providers, warehouses, or distribution hubs require robust logistical strategies for daily order fulfillment, especially when dealing with large scale operations. Each aspect—ranging from receiving goods at the warehouse, processing orders, to the last-mile delivery—must be extremely coordinated to avoid delays, inventory loss or unnecessary costs. Intralogistics is precisely the sophisticated orchestration of these […]

Dropshipping: top trends & niches for success in 2024

  Whether you’re thinking of starting a dropshipping business or you want to enhance your existing one, it’s crucial to identify a specific market segment for your products. This segment is known as a niche and targeting your strategies towards a particular demographic allows your business to set itself apart. This is because dropshipping’s appeal […]

2024 ecommerce success hinges on tech and partnerships for superior fulfillment

In 2024, ecommerce success hinges on harnessing technology and strategic partnerships to offer high-quality delivery experiences. Managing shipping effectively is one of the most important aspects of online shopping. It’s crucial to stay adaptable and check shipping strategies to ensure that you are consistently providing top-tier service and experiences at the most favourable cost for […]

Supply chain convergence: real-time visibility is central to logistics success

In the past years, supply chains were managed using decentralized systems, where each function, like procurement, shipping, and customer service, operated independently. In this environment, businesses struggle to maintain control over critical aspects such as data, revenue, productivity, profitability, and other key performance indicators.   Thanks to modern technology, companies are progressively shifting towards the […]

Attract more customers thanks to elogy’s logistics network

Are you looking for ways to distinguish yourself in the ecommerce sector? Differentiating your brand is very important, and this can be done by looking at what customers expect from your store, especially in terms of shipping. eLogy’s logistics network can significantly reinforce and distinguish an ecommerce brand thanks to its innovative, sustainable, and customer-focused […]

Cross-docking explained

Cross-docking is a logistics strategy designed to speed up product delivery by directly moving products from inbound to outbound carriers at a distribution centre. In this way, the need for storage can be minimised or entirely bypassed. In fact, this method cuts the time products are stored in warehouses and therefore reduces handling, as well […]

Blockchain technology in the logistics industry

Blockchain technology is often associated with cryptocurrencies but most people don’t know that it has a broader potential beyond finance. In fact, can blockchain be connected to logistics and improve this industry? Let’s find out! What is blockchain? The key characteristics of blockchain are transparency and security. In this technology, every transaction or data is […]

Uncovering cross-border ecommerce opportunities

Thanks to technological advancements and a growing consumer desire for diverse products and services from all over the world, cross-border e-commerce has grown exponentially, offering extraordinary opportunities for both businesses and consumers who would like to broaden their horizons. With the right logistics partner, e-commerce businesses can expand their reach more easily today, without investing […]