How warehouse monitoring technologies improve warehouse management

Successful ecommerce warehouse management requires careful monitoring and coordination of activities, so that everything is under control and occurs within strict timelines. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about warehouse monitoring and the best technologies that retailers can employ to make sure activities are carried out efficiently. What is warehouse […]

How to overcome international ecommerce market expansion challenges

E-commerce businesses that would like to broaden their product reach to achieve sustainable growth and long-term success need to create a market expansion plan. Effective global e-commerce expansion indeed comes with its own challenges and risks, yet leveraging an all-in-one solution like eLogy equips retailers with the necessary tools to embark on a growth journey […]

Hybrid order picking is transforming warehouse and ecommerce logistics

Did you know that the fusion of technology and precious human touch is revolutionising ecommerce order fulfillment? In fact, the purpose of logistics operations is to fulfill orders as fast as possible, and, as solutions powered by technology are optimising processes, they are also transforming the functioning of a warehouse. Picking is among the operations […]

How does a warehouse management system (WMS) work?

Running a warehouse is an expensive, time-consuming and complex activity. This is why, often, businesses outsource their logistics, relying on 3PL companies to take care of warehousing operations and customer orders. These companies ensure that all operations are efficient, from picking and packing to delivery and returns, and that storage space is organised properly. How […]

Green logistics to reduce carbon emissions: how to prepare for a sustainable future

Logistics is one of the industries where enhancements in efficiency and lowering emissions are required the most. Analysts predict that, with the current growth rate of consumer demand, emissions from transportation will constitute 60% of the total by 2050. However, the European Union’s goals for the years to come aim for a significant shift in […]

Sky is not the limit! Is drone delivery the future of delivery?

Even though it may still look like science fiction, drone delivery can be the future of logistics. At least this is what Jeff Bezos believes! With Amazon working on autonomous drone delivery, and announcing to extend existing operations beyond the US, particularly in the UK and Italy, drone delivery is on the horizon. As this […]

Transport management system: what it is and benefits

To keep up effectively with the logistical promises made to their customers, modern businesses rely on Transport Management Systems (TMS), which have become essential tools to optimise shipping routes, balance expenses and enhance effectiveness. Let’s discover more about what a TMS is, its functions, and benefits for modern enterprises. What is a Transport Management System […]

Strategies to increase your Average Order Value in 2024

New customers aren’t always automatically equal to more revenue. In fact, they tend to have a high acquisition cost and their lifetime value is not the same, meaning they might just make a single purchase and never come back again. What does this imply? Put simple, this means that focusing on existing customers to increase […]

EU Corporate Sustainability Directive: What does it mean for your company?

What is Europe’s new emissions reporting mandate? In response to the growing climate change crisis, the European Union has introduced a regulation known as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) which will take effect in June 2024, requiring some 50,000 companies doing business within the European Union (EU) to report annually on their past and […]